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The Ultimate Rundown for New Runners

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

Maybe one of your New Year's goals is to run a race and you're wondering how to get started. Chances are good if you've googled shoes, clothes and training plans, you're a little overwhelmed. There happens to be a lot of gear out there and even more opinions on gear and training all over the internet and in popular runners circles. We're going to tell you the absolute basics you need to know to get started safely and effectively.

1. Invest in good sneakers. Take the time to go to a local running store and get fitted for sneakers to run in that match your foot type (and buy the shoes from the people who fitted you #shoplocal). The most common injuries from running occur because people wear old shoes or the wrong shoes for their feet. They might be a little more expensive but your feet will thank you later.

2. Wear sweat wicking clothing, even if it is cold out. Chaffing occurs when clothes and skin get sweaty and then rub together. Cotton is the enemy when wet. Invest in clothing specifically made to wick sweat and keep you drier. If you're a sweat a lot, you can buy anti chafe cream to apply to areas that are easily affected.

3. Find a plan or a coach. Start conservatively. Don't be afraid to alternate running and walking. Many elite runners add recovery runs or walks to their intervals on days they run. The goal is consistency and you can't be consistent if you are injured soon after starting.

4. Find a local running group to be a part of and get your runs done with. Running long distances, especially if it isn't your favorite thing, can seem like a daunting task. Having a group of people to run with helps the time go by much faster. As an added bonus, you might pick up more running tips along the way

As with anything new that you start, remember to be patient and consistent. Appreciate the process. Running is hard work but you've got this. Keep it simple and start slow. We are routing for you!

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