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Top 7 Energy Boosting Foods

You are what you eat - very literally. Our cells utilize the components of our food in order to grow and repair and regenerate. Therefore, the quality of the food we consume plays a direct role on how we feel. Eating highly processed, sugary, chemical laden foods doesn't set us up to feel our best. Often these foods leave us feeling sluggish, looking for the nearest cup of coffee or energy drink to help us make it through our days. But food can be an incredible source of energy for us when we make the correct choices. Here are 7 foods that you can add to your diet to increase your daily energy.

1. Spinach- This leafy green plant is an excellent source of iron which is key in helping your energy levels because iron is key for oxygen transportation through the body via the red blood cells.

2. Hard Boiled Eggs- High in protein and B vitamins, eggs are a cost effective source of protein and energy boosting vitamins. Yolks got a bad name for a long time but be careful about ditching them completely as the yolk of the egg is actually where the B vitamins and nutrients are contained.

3. Avocado - This commonly accepted super food is actually a fruit that is full of healthy fats and more B vitamins to help boost your metabolism and keep your hormones functioning correctly. Use them as a dip, in salads, or on eggs or chili.

4. Berries- Low in sugar and high in antioxidants, berries are a great way to add in some sweet to your diet while fighting dangerous free radicals from our environment to help you live a longer, healthier life.

5. Chia Seeds- These small but mighty seeds are packed with protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, calcium, and iron making them excellent for performance and overall health. Add them to overnight oats, yogurt, and smoothies to increase your energy and jump start your day.

6. Cottage Cheese- Packed with vitamin B12 and rich in minerals, this food is often overlooked in the store, but cottage cheese is an incredible source of protein. One cup of cottage cheese packs about 28 grams of protein, making it a great addition to shakes, soups, casseroles, or by itself as part of a muscle building diet.

7. Almonds- In addition to having heart healthy fats, almonds are loaded with vitamin E and minerals like manganese and magnesium which help to overall health and wellness. Almonds are great as a snack or as an addition to salads and dishes. Nutrient and calorie dense, a little goes a long way. Twenty three almonds, which is about one handful, is a complete serving of almonds.

How do you eat to fuel and energize your day?

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