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Make your Goals Stick in 2020

New year, new you. We hear it every year in January. The gym is crowded with new fitness enthusiasts. Juice cleanses, crash diets, and weight loss apps bombard us on social media advertisements as we get closer to the beginning of a new year. If you're like many people, you start out the new year roaring to go with an intense schedule and big goals that this is going to be your year and then slowly, but surely, that attitude decreases and you find yourself skipping your workouts, cheating on your diet, and settling back into your old routine.

Make this year different from others with our 6 tips to help you stick to your goals in 2020.

1. Find an Accountabilibuddy. A what? Someone who will keep you accountable for your workouts, diet, and goals. Be careful when choosing this person- you want to make sure you choose a buddy who won't let you skip or slack. Choose someone who can set you straight and remind you of your goals. Having someone who will meet up with you for workouts or a trip to the grocery store to buy healthy food is an added benefit. In person accountability, goes a long way!

2. Establish a Rewards System. Reward yourself for positive changes and behavior with your health habits, but not with food. Instead, try rewarding yourself with an experience, trip, new workout clothes, or a new pair of workout shoes. For example, if your goal is to move every day in January, every time you move on a day, you put a dollar in a jar towards that cute new workout tank you saw online. Each day you work towards your goal you also earn yourself that new tank which you can show off for the next month as you keep working on your goals.

3. Log it. Write it down. On pen and paper. There is power in writing it down. Write down a daily goal. A weekly goal. A monthly goal. Write down what you accomplish. Check it off. Schedule your workouts like business meetings that no one is allowed to change.

4. Workout Early. We get it- life happens. The longer you wait in a day, the easier it is for life to get in the way and for you to have an excuse (even if it's valid) to miss your workout. Working out early minimizes the chances of your workout getting interrupted due to life emergencies that happen to pop up.

5. Set Reasonable Expectations. Going from zero to sixty in a car might sound fun, but going from zero to sixty days in a row with two a day workouts is a recipe for failure, injury, and burnout. January seems to be the time where everyone becomes an overachiever and by February, only a few survive. Instead, gradually build up from the holiday slump and set an attainable schedule with reasonable goals so that you can work on success and set yourself up to win in 2020.

6. Hire a Professional. You might not need someone every day, but investing in a fitness service is a great way to help keep you accountable. We tend to use things that we pay for. Hiring a trainer to help guide you and keep you accountable is a great investment in yourself. In addition, hiring a trainer is also a great way to make sure you are working out correctly and staying injury free, allowing you consistency in 2020.

At the end of the day, a setback or failure doesn't mean you have to call off your goals. Every day is a new day. One bad day or bad meal doesn't mean you won't reach your goals just like one good day or one workout doesn't guarantee success. It's what you do consistently that adds up to big results. Set yourself up for success in 2020. This is YOUR year. Are you ready?

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